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What HostGator has to offer you ?

HostGator provides excellent opportunities to resell their packages as their own. Their reseller packages come with WHM and Billing solutions. You can virtually setup your own web hosting company through HostGator reseller packages

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages From HostGator

Copper Silver Gold Silver
Disk Space: 40GB
BandWidth: 350GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $34.95
Disk Space: 60GB
BandWidth: 500GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $49.95
Disk Space: 80GB
BandWidth: 600GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $74.95
Disk Space: 100GB
BandWidth: 700GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $99.95

Why is HostGator Best For Reseller Hosting ?

It’s really a hard time out there for those who look for reseller hosting services there are a lot of things to be taken in to account before deciding the best service. The HostGator is one of the best such providers. With the ‘Best Reseller Hosting Award’ in its kitty it just stands out distinctly ahead of the other service providers. If you want to know why HostGator is the best you just have to have a glance at the catalog of services provided by them. The various options and services associated with it are nothing less than perfect suit for your needs. The advantages that users see in HostGator services are manifold.

  • The HostGator provides you with a wide range of plans in order to get started. One should say that the plans are expertly laid out because every one has the best chance of getting his most suited plan. The plans are categorized from Aluminum Plan to Diamond Plan. This offers the best solutions for reseller hosting services. So if you are just having a personal website for non-commercial use then you can start with aluminum or if you are a business man looking for setting up a full fledged commercial site, then diamond should do you the good.
  • The storage spaces are not at all a concern as the plans offer a wide range of space availability ranging from 12 Gb to 50 Gb. And the most important thing about the plan is bandwidth awarded. The bandwidth ranging from 125 Gb for aluminum to 350 Gb for diamond makes these a wonderful package overall.
  • The most astonishing aspect of every plan they offer is the price tag. The hosting services start from $24.95. Anybody who knows the hosting services well surely will know that its really hard to find such a quality of service for $25. The diamond option is priced at $99, which also is only a reasonable cost considering the quality. As a person looking forward for Reseller hosting services, no one is let down by HostGator
  • The other thing about HostGator is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s more often not at all necessary as every customer is guaranteed to be satisfied. They offer the instant backup scheme for all customers and they don’t have a contract to cripple you. Host Gator also offers a guarantee that there will be a 24/7 service. So no more “server down” problems for your site.
  • Also the security issues related to the server is also provided as an added service by HostGator. You can rest assured that the transactions and the data stored are safe. Apart from providing an unlimited number of Domain availability, unlimited FTP access, MySQL databases they also offer a wide range of instant options like blog templates, instant forums setup… etc. The real time stats and the account details verification systems are provided by HostGator in the best possible way. HostGator also provides support software like site builder, auto responders and also offer templates for your sites. With such offers on stake its simply impossible to deny that HostGator is the Best for Reseller Hosting services.

It is very clear from the above description that HostGator stands out as the best Hosting service when it comes to reseller hosting services. The best should some how overtake others and HostGator overtakes other providers in all aspects with the additional services provided by them doing the best for the customer needs. All these for a very reasonable cost!